Creative Marketing


Hodder Media Inc. can help you, your brand, and your product stand out in the sea of competition. Creative marketing harnesses the power of curiosity and human connection to make a memorable introduction to your target markets.

Product Launches

We work with clients one-on-one to develop and shape stand-out campaigns that support the success of a new product or service. We launch via multiple channels: in-store events, print and online ad campaigns, influencer collaborations, social media thunderclaps, and more. You’ve made something special and we want the world to know! 

Interactive Events

Leave a lasting impression with an interactive experience that puts your brand front and center. Moderate a live Q&A, create a themed scavenger hunt, host a memorable dinner party, announce a contest or competition, or create something completely out-of-the-box that will keep consumers talking, tweeting, and sharing for days.


Harness the power of targeted ad networks and get your short-and-sweet message out to the masses. We’ll help you create a campaign and place it where it counts: digital magazines, blogs and fan sites, podcasts, social media platforms, print publications, and more. We can even ghost-write advertorial with your byline so your name becomes synonymous with your service.

Panels & Conferences

You’re an expert in your field and everyone needs to know you. We’ll secure space at relevant conferences so you can speak, share knowledge and experience, and do what you do best while leaving a strong impression with your audience. And if public speaking isn’t your forte, we’ll help you hone your message and practice-practice-practice until your confidence shines through.

Influencer Collaborations

“Influencers” are everywhere and have eager, engaged audiences who are primed for impulse purchases. Get your product or service into their hands and take advantage of the tight-knit, trusted following they’ve curated. We’ll send specific messaging or let them work their magic and watch your traffic numbers soar.

Full-service Marketing

Does your small (and growing) business need a marketing department? Hodder Media Inc. has worked remotely as a full-service marketing office for companies all over the world who operate with a lean staff. Working directly with your art department (or our own — yes, we have one!), we’ll handle campaigns and initiatives, create packaging, ads, sell sheets, and other necessary collateral to support your sales team. Allow us to take some of the pressure off so you can focus on running the show.