Putting your product, service, or story into words — especially if writing isn’t your favorite thing  —   is challenging. Take the stress out of creating product descriptions, corporate correspondence, web copy, blog content, or anything relying on the written word.

Our roots are in writing and, frankly, we’re good at it.

Press Releases

Have your own contacts but no clue how to package a press release? Hodder Media Inc. will write targeted, to-the-point media alerts and press releases so you can focus on more important tasks.

This service is ideal for clients who don’t know how (or don’t have the time) to write their own.

Web Content

Need content to keep your brand fresh online? We write and edit copy for corporate, consumer and e-commerce websites, making sure every blank is filled and every blog is updated. Whether for a new site or to refresh and revitalize current content, we help clients find the right words.

This service is ideal for clients looking for help with a brand new site or ready to overhaul their old one.

Product Descriptions

Describing your product(s) quickly and concisely is key to getting them noticed. We handle descriptions for use on any medium — from 100-word packaging or catalog copy to web descriptions written to trigger an emotion or an impulse sale.

This service is ideal for clients who need help accurately and effectively informing end-users of your products’ features, benefits, and selling points.


Hodder Media Inc. rewrites, fine-tunes and polishes catalogs, web copy, product descriptions, and any written material for grammar, spelling, syntax, and readability, and can put some personality into your existing copy.

This service is ideal for clients who prefer to write their own content but don’t feel confident in their final product. We’ll help you shine!

Corporate Communication

Formal and official correspondence can feel overwhelming, intimidating, or simply too time consuming. Hodder Media Inc. will write and edit your corporate communications and help alert your audience of important announcements, public statements, company changes, and official news. This includes written interviews requested by media outlets.

This service is ideal for clients who find formal writing challenging, or need help putting a difficult announcement into words that feel easier to receive.