Who We Are

Hodder Media Inc. is the first PR & marketing firm to specialize in wellness, pleasure & sex-positive markets.

Sex toys. CBD. Alternative beauty and body care. Holistic healing. Lingerie and intimate apparel. We love doing the important work that traditional PR firms don’t quite “get.”

We do a solid job no matter the industry, but our team has a unique understanding of unconventional, alternative, and even taboo products and services. We’re special that way.


Meet Anne Hodder-Shipp.

She founded Hodder Media Inc. in 2009 after her career as a journalist took an unexpected turn. Boasting almost 15 years of writing and editing experience with background in professional journalism and critical thinking, Anne helps clients find their voice, hone their message, and get media outlets to pay attention.

Hodder Media Inc. offers a variety of targeted services with a common goal: developing brand reputation through compelling, creative messaging and media placement. With a skill for conveying complicated or sensitive information in a progressive and professional manner, Anne successfully informs, prepares and promotes clients and their brands to more successful paths.