Public Relations


Hodder Media Inc. is the bridge between you and the media outlets you want to hit. We track editorial calendars with tight connections to relevant editors, staff writers, and freelance journalists. Our clients are often first to know about special opportunities, including gift guides, event inclusion, and feature stories in need of expert commentary.

Your brand will get the attention and recognition it deserves.


Queens of Spin

We create mountains out of molehills, and our PR angles are timely, sticky, and clicky. You’ll never see (or read) a tired, overused trope from us.

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Constant Contact

We keep up with writers and editors to see what they’re working on, and they often come to us for help. Our Rolodex is healthy and our relationships are invaluable.


Vocal Point

We help hone your message so you know exactly what to say (and how to say it) on day one. Our media training helps you find and perfect your public voice.