Hodder Media provides unbiased, non-judgmental and accurate sexuality education to help develop, promote and sell body-safe products using accurate and inclusive marketing messaging. This foundational understanding enables clients to better serve their customers while incorporating factual and evidence-based information into existing business practices, including staff trainings and PR campaigns.

Sex education services are provided in person or via video chat programs (Skype, Google Hangouts, gChat, Apple FaceTime) by lead educator Anne Hodder, an experienced speaker certified and endorsed by renowned sex-educator training program San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) and the American College of Sexologists International.

To learn more about Anne’s inclusive sex education platform, please visit www.annehodder.com.

Sex education services include:

  • Trainings Hodder Media works with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to help elevate the sex-ed knowledge of store staff and sales teams, giving them essential information to better serve their customers. From a core understanding of sexual anatomy to transgender sensitivity training, clients will receive accurate, fact-based material customized for their specific needs.
  • Consultation Hodder Media helps adult industry professionals seeking specialized support, evidence-based research and development strategies relating to their personal and business growth. From demographic-appropriate branding to inclusive and accurate marketing campaigns, clients gain and maintain confidence in their sex-related ventures.
  • Workshops Hodder Media provides clear, accurate and unbiased sexuality information to help clients of all kinds heal, grow and move forward. With a fun and friendly approach, Hodder Media creates custom curricula catered to each audience to learn and inquire about sensitive topics in a safe and permissive environment.
  • Coaching Looking for an inclusive learning environment with discretion? Hodder Media works one-on-one with clients seeking a fast-track learning experience catered to their specific needs.