PR Hodder Media is the bridge between the client and the media. We track editorial calendars with tight connections to each relevant editor. Our clients are first to know about marketing and promotion opportunities and have a monthly schedule of targeted and relevant editorial and PR announcements tailored for each outlet. Your brand will get the attention and recognition it needs and deserves.

Marketing Hodder Media works one-on-one with clients to develop, shape and launch full-spectrum advertising and marketing campaigns via multiple platforms: in-store events, web and print ad campaigns, influencer collaborations, affiliate promotions, and more.

Copywriting Hodder Media uses the power of the written word to communicate clients’ messages across multiple platforms. Each serves a unique and necessary purpose: influencing and supporting key decision-makers, debuting and showcasing new products or services, and making a solid first impression to target demographics.

  • Press Releases – Write, package and deliver announcements in formal press release fashion to the appropriate industry media outlets. Ideal for clients with something to announce but don’t know how (or don’t have the time) to do it themselves.
  • Website Text – Write, edit and finalize all copy on corporate, consumer and e-commerce websites. Ideal for clients looking to fill a new site template with written content to highlight features, services and benefits, or clients looking to overhaul their existing sites with fresh, new and relevant material.
  • Corporate Correspondence – Write and edit formal or official correspondence to inform a large audience of an impending change, important announcement or general statement.
  • Media Interviews – Write, edit and deliver written interviews requested for media publication. Ideal for companies contacted for media inclusion (within print or online news articles, radio segments, etc.) and required to submit responses in written form.
  • Product Descriptions – Write and edit concise descriptions for use on packaging, merchandising materials, catalogs, advertising collateral or websites. Ideal for clients looking to accurately and effectively inform the consumer of the features, benefits and sales points of particular products or services.

Editing Hodder Media revamps, rewrites and polishes any written material for grammar, spelling, syntax and readability. Ideal for clients who prefer to provide their own language and ideas but need to fine tune them before submitting the final product for official use.

Brand Consulting Hodder Media helps clients create, build, improve and maintain their brands online and beyond. We know what works for some, what doesn’t for others, and what hasn’t been done yet, and our trained staff connects clients with the tools, services and talent that will help establish, develop and enhance the way they do business.