“Anne is truly gifted when it comes to identifying not only the essence of a brand, but also its audience, using the all too often neglected power of the written word. Her experience in journalism is an obvious asset in her ability to captivate audiences while meeting tight deadlines. She is personable, professional, hard working and a joy have on projects. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take their business to the next level by evolving the language of their brand.”
– Ben Cooke, President, Ben Cooke Communications

“One of the most professional people I have had the honor to work with, Anne has been a reliable source of information for the several years we’ve worked together. From feature news articles, to publicity and promotional opportunities for my clients, Anne completes every task she agrees to. Furthermore, with any service that Hodder Media offers having to do with writing, you’d better believe there is immaculate grammar involved!”
– Brian Gross, President, BSG PR

“If I’m ever at a loss for where to find quotes, intriguing twists or solid information for a story, I know I can turn to Anne Hodder. Her connections with and knowledge of the industry and its people are practically unparalleled, and her reputation is impeccable. Combine that with Anne’s writing skills and ability to connect personally and professionally with her clients and media outlets, and Hodder Media is the complete package.”
Sherri L. Shaulis, Senior Editor, AVN Media Network

“I’ve worked with Anne on a variety of professional projects, most recently to help build and shape the my personal brand and the variety of promotional opportunities that have come as a result. Whether for a fast and effective press release or training for media interviews, Anne’s services help reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes along with having to promote myself, which allows me to focus on the parts of my business that I know best. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Elle Chase, author & Director of Education, Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education

“In the first month of working with Hodder Media, I’ve been so very pleased and impressed by Anne’s work ethic, professionalism and most of all the quality of her writing about and representation of the Paradise Marketing. Moreover, she has displayed a keen grasp on the intricacies of the adult marketplace, the appropriate media, and the key people to interface with. Anne is not just a team player, but a Team Leader! I’m sure our association is a long and prosperous one for both of us. Simply put, in a very short time, Anne has earned my respect, admiration, as well as my friendship. Great job.”
– Dennis Paradise, President, Paradise Marketing

“We initially brought Anne on thinking that she would help make a dramatic increase in our exposure as well as our overall public appearance – we were not disappointed! With Anne’s help and her industry experience, we were able to develop a more focused and concise effort and direction to our PR. Anne helped us fine tune our thoughts and messages, develop a focused and targeted approach to our press releases and helped us move forward with diligence. It has been our pleasure to engage Hodder Media for the past few years and we recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Julie Stewart, President, Sportsheets International

“Anne is a conscientious individual, always putting professionalism above all else. You can expect her to be open-minded, fair, non-judgmental, insightful and thorough. She is eloquent, intelligent, humorous and dedicated. Her work ethic is instantly apparent and her forward thinking keeps her on her toes. I have found her to be incredibly helpful and a joy to be around.”
– Dawn Tulman, President, ToiBocks (now defunct)

“We began using Hodder Media in mid 2010, and from the beginning it was obvious Anne would make a dramatic increase in our exposure as well as our overall public appearance. Anne’s various contacts and vast industry experience helped develop a direction and theme, as well as keep us focused and on track in ways we’ve never done before. Above all else, I think Anne’s willingness to share her thoughts and ideas, as well as communicate and collaborate (as compared to dictate) have made her an indispensable part of our success. If you are looking for someone to elevate your company and product profile I HIGHLY recommend Hodder Media, and would be happy to entertain any questions you might have.”
– Bob Wolf, President, Direct Advantage & Synergy Erotic